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Flu shots Brisbane When it comes to flu season, people naturally want to know whether getting the flu vaccination will stop them from getting the flu. From a general perspective, if you get the vaccine you are much less likely to get the flu. It will also not protect you against getting the common cold. It is generally recommended that everyone get the vaccine and here’s why. If you are healthy person – what is the real cost of getting the vaccine? You will have a few seconds of pain and a few days where you are not at your physical peak. Compare this to the weeks that it takes for your body to properly get over a bout of the winter flu. You also need to think about your potential to pass the flu onto others, especially vulnerable people. For vulnerable people, getting the flu can be the difference between life and death. Here is the Australian Government’s High-Risk Category: Old people over the age of 65 Aboriginal and Torris Straight Islanders Pregnant Women Severe Asthma, Lung or Heart Disease Low Immunity Diabetes When thinking about getting the flu shot is important to note that any mild symptoms that you may be experiencing is related to the vaccine getting an immune response and nothing to worry about. The vaccine is training the human immune system to recognise parts of the virus so that it can respond more effectively. It is very important to note that you can’t catch the virus from having a flu shot. It is also important to get the flu shot Brisbane Northside at the right time to make sure you are protected against the correct strain of flu. Generally speaking, If you get it at the right time, your risk of getting the flu will reduce by approximately 50%. In Australia, the peak flu season is between August and September. If you get your flu shot in July, you’ll generally be covered during flu season. Studies suggest that protection against flu is valid for 3 months after getting the shot. This is why it is important to get it every year. It should also be noted that the strains of the flu that we need to be worried about changes. This is why a new flu vaccine is needed every year. In any year there is usually 3 sub strains that you’ll need to protect yourself against. During flu season, apart from getting the flu shot there are a number of things you can do to mitigate the risk. Generally hygiene is at the top of the list. This is something that people forget to do. Make sure to wash your hands at least 5 times per day. This is how bacteria spreads. Simply being mindful about what surfaces your hands touch is soo important. Make sure to minimise stress and get plenty of sleep. These are 2 ways where our immunity is naturally lowered. And the moment you feel yourself getting sick, make an appointment to speak with your doctor or visit your local chemist to get some medication to restore your immune system. Influenza vaccine Brisbane for more information

Fathers Of Landscape Architecture

Landscape design and landscape architecture have been western notions for perhaps 300 years. In 1712 Joseph Addison a prolific English essayist and letter writer wrote of ‘making a landscape’. One hundred years or so later Gilbert Laing Meason, a Scottish Gentleman, wrote a book called ‘On the Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy’. The term ‘Landscape Architect’ had never been seen before in the English language and this book was to contain some of foundations of all modern Landscape Architecture. Landscape Architect was not to be used as a position title until 1863 by one Frederick Law Olmstead, one of two American men who contest the title of ‘The Father of Landscape Architecture.’ The second of these two men is Andrew Downing, a landscape designer who practiced landscaping in New York. There is little disagreement that Andrew Downing influenced the works of Frederick Olmstead. Unfortunately Andrew Downing’s brilliance was untimely ended with his early demise at 37 years of age, with his wife in a steamboat accident incinerating both them and at least 47 other passengers. LANDSCAPE BrisbaneFrederick Olmstead sought to commemorate the contribution that Andrew Downing had made to the blossoming science of Landscape Architecture with a bust in Central Park, a project that Downing had pioneered with William Bryant the editor at the time of the Evening Post, now known as the New York Post. They publicly campaigned for a space all New Yorkers could freely enjoy, unfortunately Downing did not live to see his dream made real. Olmstead undertook the project with Englishman Calvert Vaux; a draftsman, a painter and Andrew Downing’s partner in landscape architecture. The bust was never placed in Central Park, but a memorial still stands at the Smithsonian, one of Downing’s largest projects. Frederick Olmstead went on to a long and illustrious career, supported at times by partner Calvert Vaux. Calvert Vaux was ‘discovered’ at an exhibition of his landscape paintings by Andrew Downing, who enticed Calvert to emigrate to America and went on to create a successful, although short lived partnership. It was Calvert Vaux who asked Frederick Olmstead to be his partner in the bid for the Central Park design competition with the Greensward Plan – the name given to their winning entry. Vaux approached Olmstead not for his design or architectural ability, but for his political clout and his views on ethical and moral land use. They designed Central Park to be accessible by all people, to be a truly public place, a notion we take for granted in the modern era, but was not common practice at the time. Parks were most often designed and paid for by the wealthy, for the wealthy and parks such as the one at Versailles were only made public due to the threat of them being destroyed in the French revolution. These three men, Andrew Downing, Frederick Olmstead and Calvert Vaux could all justifiably claim to be the founders of modern Landscape Architecture. Fittingly enough the inauguration of the American Institute of Landscape Architects was by their sons Downing Vaux and Frederick Olmstead Jr. in 1899. For all of your modern landscape Design in Brisbane needs please contact us at http://www.mylandscapedesign.com.au/ Thank you for reading Jamie Grant

Tips on How to Make a Tree Healthy and Strong

Tips on How to Make a Tree Healthy and Strong Tree trimming companies are also responsible for keeping the trees healthy. Over the years, these companies have helped homeowners beautify their property by making sure that the tree grows healthy and strong. Good tree care can also be vital to the homeowner because it prevents the tree from posing any danger to the property or the family members living in the property. Here are some tips on how to make sure that a tree stays healthy and strong. Regularly apply fertilizer Fertilizer is a crucial part of your tree’s growth. This adds nutrients to the soil making the best conditions for your trees. It is ideal that fertilizer is applied during spring and summer. Transplanting the tree There are instances when you need to transplant the tree from one location to the next. This allows the tree to have the best soil condition. But of course, make sure that you transplant the trees when it is still growing. The bigger the tree gets, the harder it is to remove and transplant to a new location. Protecting the CRZ The critical root zone is an important part of the tree. This is where the root is most vulnerable. Make sure that you protect this area in order to get the best results. Healthy soil It is a good idea that you ensure that the soil is healthy. Healthy soil can ensure that the tree’s roots will be healthy as well. If you have compacted soil, this can be a problem. This means that nutrient absorption can potentially be depleted from this kind of soil. Protect the tree’s bark. Next, it is imperative that the tree bark is protected. Keep in mind that the tree’s bark is its armor. If the bark is damaged, you can expect that the tree is going to have infections making the tree rot from the inside. One of the most common things that can damage the bark is the sprinkler. If the sprinkler is directly spraying water into the bar, this can easily destroy the bark in the long run. Instead, make sure that you redirect the spray. Optimum water Trees need water to survive. Even large ones that depend on the soil’s moisture can easily be affected by drought and the dry season. It is a good idea that you maintain the optimum moisture needed by the tree to its soil in order to make sure that it survives the drought. Prune the tree It is also important that the tree is pruned properly. If there are other trees within proximity, make sure that the branches don’t hit each other. You can hire a professional in order to get this job done on trees in your property. Dead branches should also be removed in order to prevent an entry point for the bacteria. It is a good idea to have a tree on your property. This can add beauty to your yard, not to mention it can give you a good shade during the hot sunny days. But of course, having a tree requires a number of responsibilities. It is imperative that you talk to the experts if you feel that you don’t have the knowledge on how to take care of trees. Contact Teja's Tree Services for more advice.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit is Not Running Efficiently

Whether you have a business or just for your home, an air conditioning unit these days is a must. There are a variety of air conditioning units to choose from in today’s time. And since having your own air conditioning unit can provide relief especially from the summer heat, it is important that you know when it is no longer working as it should. Just like any other equipment, it can experience wear and tear and there are instances when your air conditioning unit is actually not running efficiently. Here are some reasons why your AC is not running how it should be. split air conditioning unitRoom is too big for the air conditioning unit It is important that you do the necessary measurements first before you decide to purchase an air conditioning unit. You have to make sure that the AC isn’t too small for the room. If the air conditioning unit is a bit too small for your room, you can expect that the equipment to work harder. However, parts of the room will remain warm. What you can do is to have another air conditioning unit to supplement the cooling of the room. The filter isn’t clean The simplest solution that you can do to your air conditioning unit is to clean the filter. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners do this. Instead, they forget about the fact that there is a filter that guarantees the optimum air exchange within the air conditioning unit’s system. As rule of thumb, you need to either replace the filter regularly or clean it. In most occasions, you only have to clean the filter once or twice per week. Not enough coolant The coolant is the one responsible for turning the hot air into cold air. However, when you don’t have enough coolant in your air conditioning unit’s system, you can expect that it won’t be able to cool the entire room. You have no other choice but to call the experts in order to fix the problem. You can always have the air conditioning technicians to do this particular job. It typically goes with the regular servicing that is being done to the AC. The room isn’t sealed You also have to consider the fact that the room isn’t sealed. This means that cold air is getting out of the room. And also, unnecessary hot air enters the room making it hard for the air conditioning unit Brisbane to function properly. Aside from the room not being sealed, it is also a good idea that you tint the windows. This prevents sun ray from heating the room. If you are going to buy an air conditioning unit, it is just as important that you make sure that it functions properly. This will make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. It also helps you get the best comfort. If you have any questions about your air conditioning installation Brisbane, it is a good idea that you turn to the experts. Let the technicians give you their advice on what you should do with your AC.

Common Plumbing Problems You Need to Anticipate At Home There are instances when you just need to call the help of a Brisbane plumber. Plumbing work can be quite complicated. In fact, doing things on your own can be a big mistake on the part of many homeowners. By doing things on your own, you are also putting your property at risk of getting damaged even more. Here are some common plumbing problems that you might want to anticipate in your home. Low pressure Is your home experiencing low water pressure? This can be frustrating. Can you imagine taking a shower while all of a sudden water ran out? You may need to check if there is a leak in your home. Also, you might also want to have a pump and even have your own water reserve in order to prevent problems from taking place. Dripping faucets It is important that you address dripping water fast. You will be able to save a good amount of money if you address the problem sooner than later. In fact, you can compute for the cost of water that is wasted by dripping faucets online. All you need to do is to have the plumber change the faucets. One common reason why this happens is due to the fact that we turn the faucets off too hard destroying all the moving parts inside. Leaks in the pipes Another common problem is a leak in the pipe. One of the most common areas where leaks happen is near the joints. Make sure that you are aware of the drips from the ground or ceiling. This could mean that there is already a damaged pipe somewhere in your house and it might be a good idea that you call the expert. Clogs You might have problems with your drains. One common scenario is when your sink can no longer drain water as fast as before. It is a good idea to first use hot water to get rid of things that might have blocked the drain. It is also a god idea to use a wire to clean the drain. Keep in mind that you should never use acid since this could further do damage to your pipes. If these solutions are not doing any good, call the plumber. Running toilets Running toilets can waste a lot of water. In fact, it can waste as much as 200 gallons per day. By letting the experts handle the problem as early as possible, you can minimize the amount of water that is wasted from the bathroom. Water heater problem Water heater problems may also require the help of a plumber. If you don’t want to wake up to cold water every day, you might want to give them a call. Keep in mind that the average life of your water heater ranges from 8 to 12 years. It also needs to be maintained every now and then. If you are going to experience some problems in your home that requires the help of a plumber, it might be a good idea that you call one right away. There are some problems that can be damaging to your home and can even waste a lot of water.

Is Your Tree Already a Danger to You And Your Family? It is important that you take a look at the tree problems. Tree problems can damage the property or even pose as a danger to you and your family members. There are also instances when it is a disaster waiting to happen especially in an event of a typhoon or during heavy rains. How exactly do you know if you have a dangerous tree? Here are some things that you need to know. Is your Brisbane tree in need of a tree lopper?Leaning trees It is important that the tree isn’t leaning towards your property or anywhere else. It is important that it is upright. Leaning trees usually has poor weight distribution. It can be caused by different factors. There are times when the soil is already cracked which is why the tree is already leaning towards one side. Strong winds may tilt the tree further causing damage to property or even causing death. If you start to notice trees like this, it is a good idea that you call the tree experts fast. Multiple trunks It is a good idea that you call an arborist if you have a tree with multiple trunks. Typically, they’d support the tree in order to lessen the chances of the tree collapsing. But of course, keep in mind that there is really no guarantee that cables can hold the tree for good. Keep in mind that there is still a chance that the tree might collapse. Also, you need to take note that this tree service costs a lot of money. You may have to pay up to $2,000 and pay for the cable maintenance. Damaged bark The damaged bark can be a sign that the tree can be a danger. It can easily rot the tree inside making it unstable. One of the things that usually causes bark damage is construction. It is imperative that the tree’s bark is protected by experts in order to make sure that the tree remains stable even after the construction. Next, it is also a good idea that it is supported by cables. Falling branches It is also imperative that you address the possibility of falling branches. This can be problematic because you will never know when the branches are going to fall and where. For this scenario, you want an arborist to prune by tree loppers Brisbane. Make sure that the tree is trimmed in order to not be considered a threat to anyone. Lightning risks There is a chance that the tree is actually prone to get hit by lightning. If you are living in high altitude, this isn’t far from happening. You don’t have to cut the tree to reduce the chances of starting a fire. Instead, you can let the arborist have a copper ground connected to the soil. There are instances when you will have to decide to cut the tree for good. This can get rid of the worry for most people. You have to understand that there are also instances when prevention is definitely a good step to take if you want to keep your tree. Maintaining the tree though requires that you are trained. You may have to end up doing more harm if you are not aware of some tree care basics.

Tips on How to Avoid Pool Accident in Brisbane.

Having your own pool in Brisbane can be a good thing. This allows your property to have an area where you can have fun and even do some fitness activities. However, keep in mind that having a pool, you also have to be aware of the dangers that can happen to you and your family members. In fact, in the US, 75% of drowning cases of children younger than 15 in the US occurred in a pool. Also, 47% of swimming pool injuries that happened to children occurred in a residential swimming pool. Given these numbers, it is always a good idea to be safe. Make sure that your pool builders are aware of all the safety laws.Always supervise the children It is a good idea that you always supervise the children. There are instances when children do horseplay in the pool. They end up drowning once they find themselves in the deep part of the pool. Without adult supervision, these kinds of accidents might happen. On the other hand, with an adult always looking after the kids, it is possible to set rules and remind them about the accepted behavior in the pool. Buddy system It is also a good idea that you always have a buddy. This is especially true for adults. It is imperative that they have someone with them who can get to their rescue in case something happens. There are instances when you can experience cramps and the only way you can get out of the pool safely is with the help of a buddy. Make sure that you know how to swim It is important in Queensland that you know how to swim if you are going to dip in a pool. A lot of people find themselves in trouble because they go to the deepest part of the pool even if they don’t have the right knowledge and skill to swim. This can get you drowned. If you really want to go to the deep parts of the pool, make sure that you have floatation devices such as a life vest. Do not dive in shallow water It is a good idea that you always check the depth of the pool before you decide to dive. One of the more common reasons why people get injured is diving in shallow water. This can even cause permanent spinal damage if the impact is great. Also, be sure that you are trained to dive if you ever do this. Don’t run around the pool Make sure that you also don’t run around the pool. It is a good idea that you don’t run at all since this can be a cause of an accident. Keep in mind that the pool area is wet and this can easily make you fall or even cause serious injury. It is also important to have a Brisbane pool and landscape builder to make sure these areas include gripping surfaces. Though you want to have fun in the pool, it is important that you take the necessary precautions. Aside from these things, it is also a good idea that you know exactly what to do in case there is an accident. Don’t swim when you consumed alcohol A problem for most people is they swim when they are drunk. This shouldn’t be the case since it can easily make you prone to drowning. Keep in mind that alcohol can slow down your reaction time. You may not be able to recognize that you are already swimming in a deep area of the pool. And with your coordination messed up, you can easily drown in these circumstances.

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