Having your own pool can be a good thing. This allows your property to have an area where you can have fun and even do some fitness activities. However, keep in mind that having a pool, you also have to be aware of the dangers that can happen to you and your family members. In fact, in the US, 75% of drowning cases of children younger than 15 in the US occurred in a pool. Also, 47% of swimming pool injuries that happened to children occurred in a residential swimming pool. Given these numbers, it is always a good idea to be safe.

Always supervise the children

It is a good idea that you always supervise the children. There are instances when children do horseplay in the pool. They end up drowning once they find themselves in the deep part of the pool. Without adult supervision, these kinds of accidents might happen. On the other hand, with an adult always looking after the kids, it is possible to set rules and remind them about the accepted behavior in the pool.

Buddy system

It is also a good idea that you always have a buddy. This is especially true for adults. It is imperative that they have someone with them who can get to their rescue in case something happens. There are instances when you can experience cramps and the only way you can get out of the pool safely is with the help of a buddy.

Make sure that you know how to swim

It is important that you know how to swim if you are going to dip in a pool. A lot of people find themselves in trouble because they go to the deepest part of the pool even if they don’t have the right knowledge and skill to swim. This can get you drowned. If you really want to go to the deep parts of the pool, make sure that you have floatation devices such as a life vest.

Do not dive in shallow water

It is a good idea that you always check the depth of the pool before you decide to dive. One of the more common reasons why people get injured is diving in shallow water. This can even cause permanent spinal damage if the impact is great. Also, be sure that you are trained to dive if you ever do this.

Don’t run around the pool

Make sure that you also don’t run around the pool. It is a good idea that you don’t run at all since this can be a cause of an accident. Keep in mind that the pool area is wet and this can easily make you fall or even cause serious injury.

Though you want to have fun in the pool, it is important that you take the necessary precautions. Aside from these things, it is also a good idea that you know exactly what to do in case there is an accident.

Don’t swim when you consumed alcohol

A problem for most people is they swim when they are drunk. This shouldn’t be the case since it can easily make you prone to drowning. Keep in mind that alcohol can slow down your reaction time. You may not be able to recognize that you are already swimming in a deep area of the pool.  And with your coordination messed up, you can easily drown in these circumstances.