Tree trimming companies are also responsible for keeping the trees healthy. Over the years, these companies have helped homeowners beautify their property by making sure that the tree grows healthy and strong. Good tree care can also be vital to the homeowner because it prevents the tree from posing any danger to the property or the family members living in the property. Here are some tips on how to make sure that a tree stays healthy and strong.

Regularly apply fertilizer

Fertilizer is a crucial part of your tree’s growth. This adds nutrients to the soil making the best conditions for your trees. It is ideal that fertilizer is applied during spring and summer.

Transplanting the tree

There are instances when you need to transplant the tree from one location to the next. This allows the tree to have the best soil condition. But of course, make sure that you transplant the trees when it is still growing. The bigger the tree gets, the harder it is to remove and transplant to a new location.

Protecting the CRZ

The critical root zone is an important part of the tree. This is where the root is most vulnerable. Make sure that you protect this area in order to get the best results.

Healthy soil

It is a good idea that you ensure that the soil is healthy. Healthy soil can ensure that the tree’s roots will be healthy as well. If you have compacted soil, this can be a problem. This means that nutrient absorption can potentially be depleted from this kind of soil.

Protect the tree’s bark.

Next, it is imperative that the tree bark is protected. Keep in mind that the tree’s bark is its armor. If the bark is damaged, you can expect that the tree is going to have infections making the tree rot from the inside. One of the most common things that can damage the bark is the sprinkler. If the sprinkler is directly spraying water into the bar, this can easily destroy the bark in the long run. Instead, make sure that you redirect the spray.

Optimum water

Trees need water to survive. Even large ones that depend on the soil’s moisture can easily be affected by drought and the dry season. It is a good idea that you maintain the optimum moisture needed by the tree to its soil in order to make sure that it survives the drought.

Prune the tree

It is also important that the tree is pruned properly. If there are other trees within proximity, make sure that the branches don’t hit each other. You can hire a professional in order to get this job done on trees in your property. Dead branches should also be removed in order to prevent an entry point for the bacteria.

It is a good idea to have a tree on your property. This can add beauty to your yard, not to mention it can give you a good shade during the hot sunny days. But of course, having a tree requires a number of responsibilities. It is imperative that you talk to the experts if you feel that you don’t have the knowledge on how to take care of trees. Contact Teja’s Tree Services for more advice